Japanese Horror, And Japanese Noodle Western Essay

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In Japanese film there is a flowing trend of a desexualized mothers. In this essay the interpretation is of both Japanese Horror, and Japanese Noodle Western. In movies such as Like Dark Water and Tampopo the reoccurring trend of the asexual mother is shown. Through the articles of The Ambivalent Self of the Contemporary Japanese, Filming “Chinatown: Fake Visions, Bodily Transformations, and Introduction to Japanese Horror Film the mix of the Western, Japanese and Chinese’s cultures intertwined. The film Tampopo by Juzo Itami is a Japanese Noodle Western; a play on word from Spaghetti Western, that show cases a single mother Tampopo (dandelion) trying to run a successful ramen noodle shop. Goro a truck driver dressed as a cowboy shows up at the restaurant to eat, when asked about the food he openly admits it’s not very good. Tampopo then insists on him teaching her, he then helps Tampopo to create a new re-established restaurant. Tampopo a mother of Tabo is a widow who is dressed conservative and paternal. A customer and long time friend Pisken harasses Tampopo into either giving up her shop or dating him. Even though Pisken hits on Tampopo he never talks to her as a women but as a potential business opportunity. The one man who Tampopo likes is Goro; he helps her learn how to cook ramen and helped her son learn how to fight. In this relationship however they never let the relationship grow into anything, continuing as friends through the movie. Its not until the end…

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