Essay about Japanese English As A Foreign Language

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Demotivators of Japanese English-as-a-Foreign-Language
Learners ' Oral Fluency The increasing use of English in global business and international communication has led many countries to emphasize English as a foreign language (EFL) in their education systems. In Japan, compulsory English education extends from elementary school to high school. However, oral fluency continues to be a weak point in Japan’s education system when compared to written and reading skills. One possible reason for this may be as Hatano (2012) claims, “the purpose of education (in Japan) has become geared toward the acquisition of decontextualized knowledge and the skills required to achieve high scores on standardized tests” (124). The lack of a practical knowledge emphasis is also noted in Hamada’s (2011) study of Japanese high school English learners which concluded that full acquisition of English is hindered most by demotivation resulting from the test-based emphasis of high school English education. It is obvious that in order to achieve a greater degree of success in Japan’s English education system, there needs to be a paradigm shift from an “education for society” to a “society for education” Ikeda, (2000). In other words, the community should support the needs of the learner by creating a more motivating environment, with an equal emphasis on practical knowledge and test-centered knowledge to create a well-versed learner. Defining Motivation
The concept of motivation has been long…

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