Essay about Japanese Attack During World War II

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During World War II, Japan attacked many places in the Pacific Ocean. Japan attacked: Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, The Philippine Islands, Wake Island, Hawaii, and Midway Island in less than three days. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, an American Naval Base in Hawaii, it was a bigger massacre than expected and many Americans perished. Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his speech known as “The Infamy Speech” one day after Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces during World War II. Until this attack, the United States was neutral in World War II. The purpose of The Infamy Speech was to rally the nation into entering the war. Japan tricked the American people by informing through telegram that Japan wanted peace while their naval troops and planes headed to Hawaii. Many American people died in the attack. Some American ships were torpedoed so hard that their wrecks landed between Hawaii and San Francisco. It was a bigger massacre than anyone thought it would be when people at the Pearl Harbor base saw Japanese ships on their radars and did nothing about them. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech was based on truth, but his main intention was to use propaganda to persuade America to fight in World War II, not to inform the American public about what happened at Pearl Harbor. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote the speech, he wanted to convince the American people to fight and inform them about what happened at Pearl Harbor while omitting facts that did not…

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