Essay on Japan 's World War II

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During World War II, countries such as Japan and Germany utilized characteristics of totalitarianism such as control of information, persecution, and ideology, which contributed to atrocities including the Rape of Nanking, concentration camps, and the Bataan Death March.
During World War II, Japan’s totalitarian trait of control of information contributed to the war atrocity of the Rape of Nanking. Control of information is the indoctrination of the state’s ideology through censorship, control over education and media, and the use and spread of propaganda. The government provides biased or false information to convince citizens to accept certain beliefs or actions through the control of information. INSERT HISTORICAL EXAMPLE. In many Japanese schools, children were physically and psychologically prepared for the future invasion of the Chinese mainland. Children were indoctrinated to believe that it was their duty to help Japan fulfill its divine destiny of conquering Asia and being second no other nation. In addition, young boys were taught how to handle wooden models of guns, and older boys were taught how to use real ones. Textbooks contained military propaganda, and teachers instilled in students contempt and hatred for the Chinese people. (Exposing the Rape of Nanking). On December 13, 1937, the day of the invasion of Nanking, Japanese troops received the order to execute prisoners of war. Chinese prisoners were to be systematically executed in such way that each…

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