Japan And The Japanese Culture Essay

1373 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
In recent years since I’ve been learning about Japan and the Japanese culture in general, I’ve come to learn that a good amount of people seems to think Japan is some unsafe place where serial rapes, train-molestation, and kidnapping happen frequently. Where the Yakuza runs rampant and that it is just a big country of debauchery. Usually after people claim to be an expert on the crime rate and what crimes actually happen in other countries, it usually comes with steaking the claim that America is the best country, or Europe is one of the best places to live, and apparently due to unpopular belief; these things are just not true what so ever. With strict drug and gun laws, violent crimes are at the lowest they are for most other countries. With dozens of safety precautions to protect children and everyday people from being kidnapped or assaulted, it because much safer for average people as well, and shows that the Japanese government actually cares about its people, and not just about having a low incarceration rate. Among with bigger, more sensitive crimes like robbery, assault, and theft, Japan is one of the World’s leaders in keeping our environment as clean as it possibly can, with having many rules and regulations everyone must follow when it comes to disposing of their trash. One of the first things that gets brought up to me when I tell people I want to go to Japan and live there and say that it’s safe, people usually bring up something along the lines of, “But isn’t…

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