Jap A Healthy Life Style Essays

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Japan has a healthy life style, which leads to a higher life expectancy. Such a thing can be great and disadvantageous at the same time. The life expectancy average in Japan is eighty-four years of age. In the United States the life expectancy average is seventy nine years ("The World Factbook: United States"). The life expectancy is five years lower in the United States. The infant mortality rate in Japan is at 0.2 percent, and in the United States it is at about 0.6 percent; Japan’s birth rate is at about 0.8 percent , while the United States’ birth rate is at one percent ("The World Factbook: United States";"The World Factbook: Japan" ). Since 2014 Japan’s leading cause of death was cancer, and in the United States the leading cause of death is heart disease ("The World Factbook: Japan"; Nbakki). Since 2014, a little bit more than thirty percent of men in Japan smoke and ten percent of women in Japan smoke ("Japan 's Changing Attitude to Smoking"). These values are much higher than the percent of adult smokers in the United States since less than 15% of the United States adults smoke (Goldschmidt). In Japan the prevalence of aids is more common than the United States due to the lack of sexually transmitted disease education, but the number is going down (Terzuolo). Tuberculosis also occurs more in Japan than in the United States with eighteen cases per 100,000 people in 2014 compared to the United States’ rate in 2014 of three cases per 100,000 people ("Incidence…

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