Jane Eyre Character Traits

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Jane Eyre experienced many things throughout the novel that changed her as a person and that affected her personality as she grew. Some things made her stronger and gave her confidence and some things made her weaker and self-conscious. However, Jane remains strong and stands up for herself. Nothing stopped her from chasing her dreams and goals. Although, there were problems that blocked her these problems made her stronger, the person she is, and built her character. Jane has a very strong character with a unique personality that probably most women did not have at the time because most of them cared about their social position. Jane’s character changed a lot from a child to a woman she became mature and a much happier person after leaving …show more content…
Jane was very unhappy as a child; she had no close family nor parents and relatives that cared about her. She was left alone with her aunt Mrs. Reed and her cousins who treated her very harshly and poorly. Jane felt very excluded because no one gave her attention and Mrs. Reed didn’t want her to play with her children. Jane is definitely brave as a young girl she stood up for herself in certain situations. When John bullied her she didn’t stay quiet she stood up for herself and fought back. “Wicked and cruel boy!’ I said. ‘You are like a murderer—you are like a slave-driver—you are like the Roman emperors!” (Jayn Eyre, Chapter 1 page14). This shows how brave, strong Jane is and that she has self-confidence. Jane did feel sad and destroyed; she used to cry because she never thought she’d escape such a harsh treatment. “Unjust! — unjust!" said my reason, forced by the agonizing stimulus into precocious though transitory power: and Resolve, equally wrought up, instigated some strange expedient to achieve escape from insupportable oppression — as running away, or, if that could not be effected, never eating or drinking more, and letting myself die.” (Jane Eyre, Chapter 2 page 23). She felt weak but all the things that were happening made her tougher and made her think about her situation and position. Jane wanted to escape and wanted to just die and be free from all the cruel treatment she has to go through everyday. She was definitely not quiet as kid she talked back and stood up for herself against Mrs. Reed and John

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