Essay on Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, published in 1813. Pride and Prejudice is the most famous novel written by Jane Austen. Her writing of this novel was greatly influenced by Jane’s middle class existence. She shows and uses several literary elements. Literary analysis targets on how setting, character, plot/structure, and many other techniques are used by the author to create the meaning. This essay shows how Jane Austen has used these techniques. The main idea of Austen being so up front in the novel is the selfishness and ignorance of the people. This shows common criticism of the 18th century. The first line of this novel shows connection to the 18th century. “It is truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”(Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. 1813. Volume 1, Chapter 1, Page 5). This shows the connection, because of the significance of the social environment on a man. Rather than in his individual conditions. Austen, let the characters have personal feelings; which then classified her as a romantic author. As you know the main subject of the novel is marriage and courtship. The reasons and passions of the characters show that when they come together; they’re a perfect match for marriage. The several different marriages show that feelings must develop, when they get to know one another. Feelings can’t be made by just having good looks. What happens when the good looks are gone? There will not be any…

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