James Ingo Freed 's United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Essay examples

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Light also creates the emotions in James Ingo Freed’s United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. It may not play as important of a role as in the Jewish Museum but still has some purpose of light and dark qualities to it. “The visitor’s passage through the building is a spatial and emotional journey through open light spaces into damp cramped dark spaces, over ramps and bridges, and through doorways that evoke the ‘selection’ of victims in the camp.” Freed’s idea is to create an emotional rollercoaster throughout the building similar to what a Jew would have gone through from before the war where they were normal, to the change of classification to vermin, and finally to freedom to reflect on the loss and how to cope with the memory. Is the little details of light and darkness helping the Holocaust Memorial Museum more if it still contains all the artifacts rather than the Jewish Museum which can stand alone with nothing but the structure and still be understood? Does this have anything to do with the different cultures that each structure is in? There is a lot more light let into Freed’s Holocaust Museum than in Libeskind’s Jewish Museum. They were both very particular about where the light is necessary and where it is not such as the main entrance is flooded with light in Freed’s design while Libeskind starts underground and creates dramatic light and window cuts throughout the whole building meticulously. Both reach their goals of what visitors should…

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