James Halliday's Metamorphosis

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Title Fast forward to the year, 2044. The world as we know it, is not the same as it once was. The whole world revolves around OASIS, a massive multiplayer online game. James Halliday, creator of OASIS, is one of wealthiest people on the planet due to the unbelievable success of his game. Before OASIS was created, Halliday developed numerous other video games, but none could even compare to the magnitude of this. For ten straight years, Halliday perfected every aspect and detail in OASIS. One day, the world is informed of his death. His death echoes around the world. People are going berserk, and Wade Watts cannot seem to figure out why. Wade followed and knew almost everything about Halliday’s life and, of course, he knew that he was a billionaire, but people should not be in frenzy like this. Later, Wade finds out that Halliday …show more content…
Each key opened the gate it was associated with. The “gunters” (gamers who hunted for Halliday’s egg), are given riddles to help locate all the keys and gates. Millions and millions of OASIS users searched for over 5 years just for the first key, then Parzival, Wade Watts in real life, was the first person to obtain the first key. Parzival was an instant celebrity, not only in OASIS, but also in the actual world. Parzival became a household name amongst everyone around the world. Wade did not receive any publicity due to the fact that OASIS was completely anonymous. What he did receive was death threats, from a group called IOI, if he was not to help the complete Halliday’s Easter egg hunt. When Wade revealed that he was not going to cooperate, they blew up where Wade lived. The explosion killed many people, including his aunt and his only friend in real life, Mrs. Gilmore, who was in here sixties. Despite the chaos that IOI caused, Wade continues to fight against the largest and most wealthy clan in

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