James Cook As An English Explorer Essay example

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James Cook: Captain James Cook was an English explorer in the 1700s who was in search of the “Southern Continent” which he didn’t believe really existed. He went on three big expeditions; the first was from 1768 to 1771, when he sailed from Plymouth, England to Brazil, around Cape Horn, Africa, and to Tahiti where he stayed for a while, then to New Zealand, Australia, and Java to prove they weren’t part of a larger southern continent. His second expedition took him to Antarctica and many of the same places from 1772 through 1775, and on his third expedition from 1776 through 1779 he searched for a Northwest Passage in North America and Asia, exploring the Pacific, and finally landed in The Sandwich Islands where he was killed.
John Cabot: John Cabot was an English explorer in the 1400s, but not much is certain about his travels and there is a lot of debate about what is and isn’t true. He lived in Venice, Italy and in Spain until he began his expeditions. On his first voyage he thought he landed on the rich land of the northeast Asian coast, but was really in North America. He set out for his second expedition across the Atlantic, but the fate of him and his crew is unknown.
Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, 1492, and 1493, 1498, and 1502. He was from Spain and tried to find a direct water route to Asia, but instead found, not discovered, North America. Columbus was supported by Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella who wanted…

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