Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis And The American Dream

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Register to read the introduction… While she went through hardships and difficulties throughout her life, the American Dream does not promise an easy road. In fact, the American Dream many times represents achieving success despite the circumstances which occur in life. When Onassis became the first lady of The United States of America, “her beauty and understated elegance captivated the public and captured the spirit of change that was taking place in the nation” (Gerston 54). The ability to emulate change, progress and forward – thinking is part of the essence of the American Dream. She seemed to embody that “extraordinary change” her husband’s presidency represented (Gerston 54). Jacqueline Kennedy became one of the most popular first ladies even though she had only a short time in the White House (Caroli). Her ability to push beyond the tragedies she endured, specifically the assassination of her husband, “enshrined [her] in the world’s heart in November 1963 when she led the nation in mourning with quiet dignity and courage” (Gerston 54). Many felt that “she was equal to the demands of her fame, or that she had earned icon status through unusual composure” (Koestenbaum). Jacqueline became an American icon, and through this achievement, “left a distinct mark on the job” (Caroli). She tied the name “Camelot” to her husband’s administration, but essentially, it seemed to encapsulate her quintessence as well (Caroli). Based on the indelible impression she left on America, there is no question that Onassis lived, breathed and accomplished the American …show more content…
She proved that the trials and tribulations that follow people through their lives do not have to define who they become in the long run. Onassis was able to survive her husband’s assassination and create a life outside of the Kennedy’s for herself and her children. She truly is an American icon who will be remembered as a trend-setting first lady, loving mother and strong, independent woman of her

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