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“The Times are a Changin” “King for a day.” That’s how Jack Arnold hopes his children see him on his birthday. However, as his children age and his family changes, Jack realizes that maybe he isn’t “king for a day” in the minds of his children, and maybe he isn’t king at all. In the television series “The Wonder Years,” Jack’s morals and traditional self are put to the test when he realizes his kids aren’t little anymore. Jack’s stubborn attitude, traditional values, and defiance toward change resist the upcoming generation’s social and family values. Jack is the father of three teenagers, and he, along with his stay-at-home-wife Norma, struggle keeping them
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This infuriates Jack, and he replies with a stern “no.” Jack wants things done his way and will put up a fight to stand for what he wants or believes in. The episode “Daddy’s Little Girl” brings this to light, during an exchange between Jack and Karen on her eighteenth birthday. Karen is growing up, but Jack does not want to acknowledge this fact. He continually argues with Karen about having a birthday cake and presents. Struggling to hold on to tradition Jack stubbornly argues with Karen about having a birthday cake: KAREN. I don’t want a cake. JACK. Sure you do. KAREN. I really, I don’t. I-I don’t want a party either. JACK. What are you talkin’ about? Sure you do – you like parties. KAREN. No really Dad, I don’t. JACK. Fine. In this argument between Karen and Jack both clearly state what they want, and when neither backs down Jack goes into a more permissive state and walks away from the situation deciding Swanson 3 he doesn’t want to argue anymore. It is clear that in this scene he realizes that he is emotionally wounded by his daughter’s refusal to stick to tradition. Traditional values are what Jack holds very near and dear to his heart, but when these traditions are put to the test he fears that he will lose them all together. In the episode, “The Fishing Trip,” Jack wants the tri-annual fishing trip with Wayne and Keven to be exactly how it used

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