Ivan 's Theory That God Essays

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Once Smerdyakov murders Fyodor due to Ivan’s theory that God, therefore, good nor evil exist, Ivan is burdened by the struggle to reconcile his influence, therefore, the guilt of the murder. The reality of disturbance in Ivan’s inert moral being seems impossible for an often intellectually cold individual. While much of Ivan’s ideology and practice derive from his education, therefore environmental influence rather than natural character, however, one’s natural inclination for education and intellectualism could result in an in-depth and extensive education, for which similar opportunity was provided to Alyosha. Ivan’s thoughtfulness also contrasts with Fyodor’s impulsive nature and he also doesn’t seem to have a parental figure. In a way, his education is his guide.
Ivan’s life runs on his intellectuality and sympathy rather than religion. He also has empathy, his inability to accept the intentional suffering of innocent children is the main reason why he denies God. His sense of justice is strong, and he believes the church should take over the court, however, he is conflicted by his own ideology. Father Zossima believes that punishment by the state or by an authority figure has no effect on the soul. Ivan wants the best for humanity but he won’t interact in the process of active love. Ivan’s cold approach both to his father and Smerdyakov prevents him from doing what he can to protect his father from a potential murder, therefore, Ivan is an obvious candidate for…

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