Ivan 's Speech On Ivan Essay examples

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"You what? Ivan... You shouldn 't have done such thing? I... I really wasn 't expecting you to do it." Michael said,

"Michael..." Ivan responded, but Michael cut him off...

"This is insane, you don 't even know me Ivan and don 't you think that you 're going a little to fast? What makes you think that I 'm going to be with you that easily... Do you actually think that I 'm that easy?" Ivan begin to worry.

"Michael... Listen, I 'll go see you and we will talk about this in person... Please."

"No... We don 't have nothing to talk about, and you 'll listen to me Ivan, I am not the type of person who likes stealing someone else 's man and build a relationship while the other suffers... I wouldn 't like that to happen to me!"

"Michael... You 'd said to fix my problem first and that 's what I did." Ivan responded, he was really worried that he pulled over to the side of the road to continue with the conversation.

"Yes, I recall saying it, but I never expected you to do it!"

"Michael... Please, listen... I will go over to your apartment and we will talk about it in person."

"No...no, Mr. Lauder, who do you think you are?"

"Michael, I am just a man who 's willing to do anything just to be with you because I really like you, and you have said that you liked me as well... Or, what? Did you lied... Did you lied about that Michael?"
There was a moment of silent were Michael didn 't know what to do, to break his heart, or to be with him. Despite of everything, he was still…

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