It's Always Sunny Essay

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It’s Always Sunny Demonstrates Evolutionary Theories

All behavioral human traits are reflective of interactions between genes the environment which is described through the study of evolution and human behavior. One example of this is how a person’s adult height is shaped by their inherited genes, and also the nutrition they received as a child. The show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia demonstrates how humans interact with, and are affected by their environment.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s fifth episode called “Gun Fever” was featured during the shows first season. Paddy’s Pub experienced a breaking and entering and get their safe stolen. The police are not very helpful in the matter of finding the culprit, so the friends
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This episode concludes with the friends discovering that both Charlie and Dee’s boyfriend were stealing from the store. Dee wanted to get rid of the gun, but the men decided to secretly keep it. They could not let go of the power they felt when they held it, or the intimidation effect it had on Charlie’s landlord.
Research has shown that men’s reproductive success depends largely on the fertility of their partners, which in turn makes men desire this attribute in women. Since women’s fertility is highest in their twenties and starts to decline after the age of 30, most men desire younger women. In season two, episode three titled “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom” this theory of evolution is demonstrated by societies reaction to Mac mating with Barbara (Dennis’ mother).
In this episode, Barbara and Frank are getting a divorce, and Barbara is extremely jealous of Frank’s newfound happiness. He has been reconnecting with his children and going on dates. Mac comes to Barbara’s house to pick up a hair piece for Frank and is shocked to find Barbara naked and wanting to sleep with him. At the beginning Mac restrains himself from doing this because he knows inside that it is wrong. It goes against his natural instincts that has been shaped by the psychology of human mating strategies.
As the episode continues, Mac decides to sleep with Barbara in order to get revenge on Dennis for going on a date with a waitress Charlie

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