It 's A Buck Dancer 's Choice My Friend : Advice From A Mediator

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It’s a buck dancer’s choice my friend: Advice from a mediator
Here is my official disclaimer: this essay is about the election. About the raw and unfettered emotions, I am experiencing. I wanted to write this essay when the emotions are still sore, when the shock of it all is still in my face, and when I still stuck between two extremes; anxiety and depression. But as my anger builds and the stark reality of what has happened is still trying to compute into my brain, I have come to the realization, that now more than ever, the lessons we have learned from the workshop “mediator and mediation” are vital to us, to our communities, to America, and to the world. The next paragraph/the rest of this essay will be filled with my background and my political standing about my life before November 8th, if you do not want me to write a politically frayed essay, please email me and I will re-write this. Now, I am not going to keep it a secret, but I voted for Hillary and before Hillary I voted for Bernie, and before that I was born to tie-dying deadheads and grew up on a goat and Christmas tree farm in California. I am pretty sure at this point, my blood runs blue, and will stay blue, even after oxidation. My mother might join the wavy-gravy hog farm commune in the future, and I would not even notice. But now, with these election results, I am at a lost of words.

Culture shock: Where am I? What country is this? Who are these people?
Denial, defense, minimization, acceptance,…

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