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Case1: ISTOCKPHOTO.COM: TURNING COMMUNITY INTO COMMERCE Abstract Online community is a particular importance since last dedicates; it is recognized as an important environment for people to communicate and share their interest, knowledge, information and advices, etc all over the world despite the existence of the barrier of time and distance. Turing online community into commerce is as significant way to generate revenue and make income. iStockphoto company paid highest attention

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By the time the founder somewhat shift his idea into

commerce. In this report we are going discuss three main issues about istockphot case when

community turned into commerce. The first issue addresses the vulnerability of istockphoto

giant new and existing competitors. The second issue addresses the conflicts that emerge in

the process of growing istockphoto. The third issue addresses how to capizalize the value of

istockphoto content. Before addressing these issues we are going to discuss the core value,

success factors and the competitive advantages of istockphoto.


1. Core Values of iStockphoto

According to the article we found that iStockphoto

followed cost leadership strategy. Porter mentioned 3

effective Generic strategies for any company to success:

cost leadership, differentiation and focus. iStockphoto´s

main competitive advantage is it follows cost leadership

strategy. It does not provide any traditional specialized

commercial photos. So it does not follow differentiation

or focus strategy. It provides high quality standard photos with a very low price. Livingstone

and his partners introduced the micropayment strategy in the stock photography business to

earn revenues by selling high volume of photos with low and royalty free price. Though they

are the pioneer of the microstock industry, they got the privilege from the first mover’s
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