Issues On Immigration And Immigration Essay

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Issues on Immigration
Throughout history, immigration has created serious conflicts in various societies, often leading to chaos and endless controversy. These issues with immigration, including the high unemployment rates, deportation, and the association of immigrants to crimes, continue to present themselves in contemporary society. Thousands of televisions and radio broadcast their diverse opinions on immigration with arguments erupting over what exactly needs to be changed and how to accomplish this. There is one point that everyone seems to agree upon: the necessity that the systems that administer and enforce immigration undergo serious reform. The following discussion will focus on immigration issues in the United States, specifically, unemployment, deportation, and the association of immigrants to crimes, in order to illustrate this need for reform.
Before discussing these specific immigration issues, it is necessary to briefly review the long legacy of immigration issues that have divided American society. Some Americans say that issues on immigrations are political, social, and economic in nature, however, other Americans propose different ideas. One of the most divisive issues is the conflict surrounding illegal aliens and employment. Illegal aliens sneak into the nation and are willing to work for less on certain jobs, while legal immigrants and American citizens are struggling and cannot get a job; although, many citizens do not want to take these same…

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