Immigration Persuasive Essay

Many believe immigration is an escalating conflict in the United States, especially with our President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Trump defames the Mexican population by stating, “When Mexico sends its people, they [are] not sending their best. They [are] sending people [who] have lots of problems” (Kohn). This was the moment where his plan inspired millions to elect him as our next president and make history. His quote set up a platform for a debate over immigration, but his claim can be proven wrong. His solution to the growing problem is to build a wall along the Mexico-American border and deport all illegal immigrants. Others might say who cares about the immigration law when in fact, immigration affects everyone around us including our families …show more content…
Nonetheless, the radical reform would make it harder for immigrants to obtain citizenship and lead to a shortage of consumer goods. If President-elect Donald Trump believes his reforms will change America for the better, then he may be wrong. According to a journalist for the “New Orleans Advocate”, “Donald Trump has said he will punish American cities [who] fail to cooperate with federal immigration authorities seeking to detain and deport undocumented immigrants” (Sledge). His forceful tactics would spark retaliation within communities and could lead to labor strikes. With a shambled country, Americans will be able to smell the fire in the air. Jobs would be left unoccupied because of deportation, and millions of Americans would experience higher crime rates. The American people would have to figure out who would fill empty job seats which were once filled by undocumented immigrants. Since many Americans voted for Donald Trump, their voices on immigration policy will be heard when he is sworn into office. Trump’s aggressiveness on immigration is unconstitutional. His dictator-like qualities, such as punishing those who burn the American flag, can be compared to when Hitler punished those who questioned his authority and went against his beliefs. Forcefully removing undocumented immigrants would mean spending government money and raising our tax dollars. Many citizens will not want to pay taxes so the government could deport a family member from the country. All in all, the strong united nation we have built could soon come to an end because of America’s poor decision

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