Problem Of Immigration Essay

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As we have seen since the early 1900’s, there is a constant influx of immigrants coming to the USA. Each year, the number of immigrant as well as the number of attempted entries continue to grow. The US has tried to control and reduce the number of immigrant by implementing harsh immigration policies and increasing boarder patrol. However, instead of addressing the problem, there has only been an increase of immigrants being held in detention centers sometimes for year and an increase of deportations as well. Neither, stricter immigration policies nor increased enforcement, has decrease the income of immigrants. Its safe to say that these “solutions” have not been effective. “Immigrants [are] pawns in a complex and tragic game.” (Furman,58) Immigrant move to the US …show more content…
Immigrants lack legal counsel. The large majority of people that get caught in immigration detention have no access to legal counsel. In fact, in 2007 “58 percent of individuals in deportation proceeding did not have an attorney” and the number just rises in detention centers to “a shocking 84 percent” (Gonzalez, 7). Some contribution factors to this problem are that immigrant make below the average and are unable to afford a lawyer. Those who can afford a lawyer or are somehow able to secure legal counsel are faced with more challenges. Detention centers are “ located in remote place” and “visiting time are often at very inconvenient hours” (Gonzalez, 8). Sometimes attorneys are turned away at the door and not permitted to see their client. Many immigrant must also deal with a language barrier. Without lawyers, outside of court detainees must “read the government’s briefs, examine charging documents against him, review the evidence and prepare

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