Issues Affecting The Health Of Olde2r Citizens: Article Analysis

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Within the article, Issues Affecting the Health of Olde2r Citizens: Meeting the Challenges, the authors’ discuss that our health care system’s quality of care is not equipped for the vast amount of older adults our society will have as the years progress. Our health care system does not have adequate resources for older adults and their family members to utilize. The authors’ suggest that our health care delivery system needs to change its mind set on how the care is distributed. Instead of focusing on the older adults’ diagnosis’s/treatments, we need to focus on the quality of life they receive within the health care scope. As mentioned in the article, in order to change our mindsets to ensuring quality of life is maintained in the older …show more content…
In addition, the authors state that health-related quality of care is referred to as an individual’s perception of health, their ability to function despite their limitations, and their feelings of happiness (Shi & Singh, 2012). The emphasis of the quality of care relates to shifting from the idea of treatments/intervention to providing emotional, educational, financial and supportable resources (Bennett & Flaherty-Robb, 2003). The implication for older adults is that quality of life, the expression of your values, and feeling a sense of happiness/satisfaction is a part of the health care process, and a lack of any of these is an issue. Identifying the issues and creating and implementing solutions will help build the stepping stones to revolutionize health care quality and American’s value system. Through the changes made we can signify the value of guiding older adults to receive and enjoy quality of care (Bennett & Flaherty-Robb,

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