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Case study: The application of ISO 9001: 2000 and Total Quality Management System in Property Management services of EastPoint Properties Limited

EastPoint ISO9001:2000

EastPoint has established the documentation of the QMS include a Quality Manual which has clearly defined and applied the eight quality management principles of ISO 9001:2000. Respective verification of the process can be referred to the quality records (Appendix 8.2) of one of their managed property, Siu Hong Court Ph 1 & 2 which has been under EastPoint’s management over five years.

a. Customer Focus

By reference to the Quality Manual of the EastPoint 5.2, the company clearly defined and established a series of customer-oriented approaches to understand the current and
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- It takes customer complaints as an indicator of customer dissatisfaction and use customer satisfaction surveys to find out the level of customer satisfaction.
- It review their performance regularly based on the results of the ‘Performance Pledges/Objectives data, customer complaints, customer satisfaction survey findings, and other results.
-The Company has established procedures to ensure relevant legal and regulatory requirements with respect to the Quality Management System are available for company staff and to keep this information up-to-date.

b. Leadership

By reference to the Quality Manual 5.1 has expressed their management commitment in the development, implementation and maintenance of the quality management system and strive to continuously improve their service performance.

c. Involvement of People By reference to the quality manual 5.3 Planning has defined all the staff to be involved in the overall quality management system as below

-Senior management shall ensure that our service standards are implemented as planned, and the integrity of the system is maintained when changes are
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-Quality Manual
This manual defines the quality policy (Appendix 8.1) and the responsibilities and authorities of senior management. It also outlines all Quality System Procedures needed to comply with ISO 9001:2000 requirements

-Quality System Procedures
These procedures address the ISO9001:2000 requirements in 5 main areas, Quality System, Management Responsibilities for Quality Services, Management of the Company Resources, Delivery of a Quality Services(s) and Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of the Quality Management System.

- Quality Records
They includes the Quality Plan for each property, Organization Chart, site instruction, Internal record, Management inspection records (Appendix 8.2.f), service performance data, customer satisfaction survey result analysis (Appendix 8.2.d), Customers complaints and corrective/preventive action plan (Appendix 8.2.g). e.System Approach

EastPoint have identified 5 key processes as mentioned before which are important in delivery of property management services to their customers. Various plans will be formulated for the 5 key processes as

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