Essay about Islamophobia And The Muslim Community

1492 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
Islamophobia― one word that caused a catastrophic effect in the Muslim community. Islamophobia is derived from Etienne Dinet, a French painter who was interested in Islam and the Arabic culture; but it was soon used as a term of hatred and discrimination against Muslims. There are four major types of Islamophobia which are pre-reflective personal Islamophobia, post-reflective personal Islamophobia, institutional Islamophobia, and political Islamophobia. Pre-reflective personal Islamophobia is when someone is unfriendly towards another person due to them being Muslim. Post-reflective personal Islamophobia is when as a person believes that the ideals of Islam are inferior to other beliefs. Institutional Islamophobia is when an institution (e.g. Schools, Universities, etc.) deliberately ignore the beliefs of Muslims. Political Islamophobia is when politicians use Islamophobia to their advantage to gain popularity. Islamophobia is not only present in one country, but a growing irrational fear all over the world. Islamophobia became more prominent around the world is because of 9/11, mass media only showcasing the negativity of Muslims and Islam and the misconception about Islam. The increase of Islamophobia was present after 9/11, on that day 's terrorist attacked the twin towers as well as other building which provoked a backlash of discrimination of South Asians, Muslims, Arab-American and Sikh. The group that was held responsible for the attack on 9/11 was by a…

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