Islamic Studies Course Design Perspective Essay

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2.4 Summary of Identified Gaps: The literature shows no consensus regarding what is considered as effective from the HE Islamic studies course design perspective. Though the western universities have implemented a number of best practices with regards to HE course design in general, it has been highlighted that very limited attention has been given to the structure of Islamic studies courses and the assumptions that underlie such studies (Morris et al., 2013). Research has also identified that existing Australia-based Islamic studies courses lack cohesion (Akbarzadeh, 2014) and are not positioned to meet the learning outcomes expected from them (Albayrak, 2012; Albayrak, 2015). On the other hand, Islamic studies courses offered in Muslim-majority countries have received appreciation from some researchers for the adequate coverage of core Islamic sciences in such courses (Bastavi, 2015); however, others (for example, Abdalla et al., 2006; Ali, 2009) have criticized and recommended reforms (e.g. Moosa, 2015) in terms of curriculum design, pedagogical practices, and availability of relevant resources.
In addition to the course design aspects, there have also been inconclusive debates about the content that the Islamic studies courses in HE are expected to include (Escarpe-Ibarra, 2014). The foregoing discussion implies that there is an impetus for studies conducting an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of Australia-based and international Islamic studies courses;…

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