Islamic Hospitals And An Islamic Hospital Essay

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In the Middle East, during the Middle Ages, Islamic hospitals had a greater variety of roles. Islam believes that everyone who was ill should receive treatment, whether they were able to pay for it or not. Their hospitals were large buildings in the cities, and were open to all, without question. An Islamic hospital served many purposes: it was a place to receive medical treatment, a place for the mentally insane, a place to receive care while recovering from a sickness or an accident, and a retirement home for those who had no family who could take care of their needs. Those with wealth and prestige would not go to the hospital but would be given medical care at home. One of the first documented Islamic hospitals was erected in the 9th century, most likely in Baghdad. Within the next hundred years, five more hospitals would be built in Baghdad. Medical care was also given to prisoners and to those who lived in villages. The first hospital on record in Egypt was built in 872 in Cairo. Other hospitals were built all through Islamic lands, Persia, Syria, Turkey, India, and Spain. Many of the great Egyptians hospitals were built in the shape of a cross, with four main halls. Many of these had adjacent rooms that included a kitchen, pharmacy, storage, places for the staff to live, and possibly a library. Each hall usually had a fountain that would provide clean water along with baths. There was an area that housed the surgical cases along with a section for those who were…

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