Essay on Islamic Fundamentalism, By Gordon Allport

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Fundamentalism refers to the static adoption of a given ideology in ones life (3), often leading to a firm rejection of alternate beliefs and a strictly authoritarian world view (1). Religious fundamentalism employs a literal acceptance of the ideology and scriptures of a given religion (11), driven by the psychological character of the fundamentalist who 's primary aim is to create a society based off their religious ideology (6). The ways in which fundamentalism affects human behaviour can be observed through the psychological theory of Sigmund Freud, emphasising the role of the unconscious in shaping beliefs and their corresponding behaviours. The role of Islamic fundamentalism specifically in recent terror attacks conducted by Islamic State, including a suicide bombing in Iraq in July, has proved to be very significant; Gordon Allport 's describes the violent fundamentalist beliefs that often fuel these terror attacks as examples of 'immature religion ', individually negative religious experiences influenced by the values and needs of the individual subject, as well as their physical environment (15).

Fundamentalism is based off an attitude of an absolute nature (1), consisting of the application of traditional elements of religious ideology to all areas of human life, and simultaneously rejecting alternate beliefs. Fundamentalism involves the literal interpretation of religious texts and a psychological separation between the fundamentalist and their religion and any…

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