Why Is Islamic Religion Important To The World?

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Islamic faith in the 21st century is one that has drawn a lot of attention but, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Today, people of faiths such as Christianity, have views on the Islamic faith that are false and it is completely due to the media and talk between different social groups. Many people relate the Islamic faith, or Muslims to violence and hate when in reality, it is a very peaceful religion; even I was surprised to learn this. What I plan to explore is the portrayal of the Islamic faith to the world, the group it is being mixed with; radical Islamic terrorist, and the Islam religion itself and its greatest intentions. These three things are widely different; two should not be different, and one should not exist but in today’s world, all three do exist. For me, I never researched religions and without this class I probably …show more content…
He created man and taught him to communicate. The sun and the moon follow their calculated courses…”. Reading this and the sentences following really rang a bell in my mind and this is when I first understood the claims of the Islam religion being similar to other religions. I later found out that most religious practices are anywhere from 60%-80% similar to one another. Islam is one of the most tight-knit religions that I have known, they have many traditions and many things that they do as a part of their religion. This religion not only is unique but is also very serious when it comes to its practices. Their practices can be very overwhelming, such as their Salat, their five daily prayers, but they can also be very sacrificial-like, such as their Sawm which is the act of fasting for certain holidays or celebrations. I not once was under the impression that the religion of Islam was a violent practice or one of hate while learning about them. The Muslims are not only a part of a peaceful religion but they are also one of the most devoted groups of people to serving their

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