Islam 's Impact On Islam Essay

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During the past century, the image of Islam has been tarnished, especially in the United States of America. One can argue that this all began with the discovery of oil in the Persian Gulf, imperialism, or simply that this was all in God’s plan. Surely, due to recent extreme events that have impacted Muslims and non-Muslims all around the world, a great misunderstanding of Islam has grown. As a result, Americans have been popularizing the term “Islamophobia” which is essentially a form of racism and is defined as any prejudice, hatred or fear of Muslims or Islam. Over time, this phenomena has become more accepted and sometimes acted upon with violence, meanwhile the American media portrays the extremism of Muslims and their violence in Eastern world. Where the freedom of teaching and practicing religion is a right protected by the U.S. Constitution, it is important to inform the leaders of this nation the true essence of Islam.

Audience For the past decade, to be formally and publicly against Islam, its practices, or its law system has been growing mainstream. For the millions of Muslims who happily reside in America for their own freedom, these acts should not be conventional, especially under the U.S Constitution. The audience for this Islam workshop should be the leaders of the nation who include many politicians that have publically declared their opposition of Islam, state senators of the Grand Old Party. While there is a difference between Republican politicians who…

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