Islam 's Impact On Islam Essay

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Islam is a religion that has spread to over 1.5 billion people since the death of Muhammad in 632 C.E. Since his death, there have been countless people that have left their mark on the lives of many Muslims across the world and helped transform Islam into the dominant faith that it is today. Specifically, those who were the closest to Muhammad are seen as having some of the deepest impacts on the Islamic faith other than Muhammad himself. Ali Talib, is not only the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad but also one of the first Muslim converts after God declared Muhammad his messenger. Ali’s impact on Islam is insurmountable and cannot be overlooked which is why he is seen as one of the four rightly guided caliphs and true leaders in Islamic history. Today many scholars consider Ali to be the most knowledgeable of all of Muhammad’s followers since he accepted the Islamic faith at a young age. “Prophet Muhammad said this about Imam Ali “I am the City of Knowledge, and Ali is the gate”” (Akhtar). With this immense knowledge, Muhammad labeled Ali as one of the main scribes that would write down many of his revelations in both Mecca and Medina. This would ultimately lead to the development of the Quran, which is the sacred book of Islam. With this sacred text, Ali was successfully able to spread Islam during his short reign as Caliph from 656-661 C.E. Besides the Quran, Ali also had an impact on the Islamic calendar. During the reign of the second caliph, Umar, Ali suggested that…

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