Islam and Diane Frost Essay

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Islamophobia: Links between terrorism, Muslim and “race hate’’.

By Mbalu Sillah

English 101
Professor Caldwell
16 June 2011

Thesis: Millions of people from different races, nationalities and cultures around the world are united by their widespread Islamic faith.
I. What is Islamaphobia? A. What cause it? B. Where it was use the most? C. Who did it affect the most? 1. Muslims 2. United State 3. Europe II. Terrorism A. September 11, 2001 B. Europe bombing 2005 III. Media A. Effect on Islamaphobia B. Spread of racism IV. Discrimination A. Muslims B. At work C. Home D. Public Places V. Conclusion A. Damage B. Effect in community
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The media play an important part not only in reproducing and supporting the racism from every aspect of society, but they are a powerful toll in its construction. Racist attitudes can make clear to themselves in very understated but powerful ways to the extent that this can become “normalized’’ (Ferguson, 1998). Base on Diane Frost historical evidence demonstrate that minority ethnic communities in Britain have been subject to verbal and physical attack throughout a person history here; and that has often occurred where an increasingly hostile climate has been educated and encouraged by the press and/or anti-immigrant controls [13]. At other times, the media can promote racism by acting as an effective tool in cultivating fear and insecurity during particular socio-historical and political conditions. Hall has wisely noted the power of the media to set the tone and define “News’’. The mass media play a key role in defining the problems and issue of public concern (21). It spread stereotypes of one group to other groups; it attaches feelings and emotions to problems.
Thus, the media is important in the production of meaning within particular situations and therefore performs a powerful role in the reproduction of ideological power (Williams, 2003). Presenting news as a neutral truth rather than the production of a specific subjective understanding is an important part of process. According to Malik, the media does not merely reflect public

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