Isaac Newton Research Paper

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Daniella Vidaurreta
April 8, 2015

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, also known as one of the best mathematician and physicist of all time. Newton was born into a poor farming family and lost his father three months before being born. In 1661 Newton was sent to Cambridge University and began studying mathematics. Soon after, Cambridge University broke out in a plague causing everyone to evacuate. Through out the plague years of 1665 and 1666 Newton made the most significant discoveries as explained in a letter from Newton to Pierre DesMaizeaux:
“In the beginning of the year 1665 I found the method of approximating series & the Rule for reducing any dignity [= power] of any binomial into such a series. The same year in May I found the method of Tangents . . . & in November had the direct method of fluxions & the next year in January had the theory of Colours & in May following I had entrance into y^c
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Descartes helped advance Newton’s skills in geometry and mechanical math which then helped him later on with calculus and the laws of physics. Galileo was also a strong influence specifically having to do with his gravity experiments and inertia. Without the help of any of these men, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Isaac Newton was an extraordinary genius that has changed the world forever.

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