Is Turkey A Democracy? Essay

2043 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
Turkey today is said to be a democracy, but they have many essential elements to a democracy missing. Turkey has been mistaken as a democracy; the truth is it can be similarly related to a dictatorship. Turkey lacks having democracy attributes within, pluralism, civil liberties, and performance. These three elements are crucial to having a successful democracy. Turkey fails to accept diversity in their society. Pluralism is a way a democracy remains a democracy, without it, it can become biased towards one belief. We see this happening in Turkey left and right. On Hurriyet Daily News it stated, “Then it took less than a day for a campaign to culminate against her in the media. “The National Party,” a die-hard defender of the Atatürk cult, called on “the whole Turkish nation” to protest this “insult.” Kemalist columnists in various papers wrote angry pieces that bashed Alçı”. This happened when a young Turkish Journalist made a comment on Television that Attaturk, was a dictator. Besides what she said, lets focus on what happened after she she disagreed with fellow Turks. She was bashed in the media, criticizing her “insult”. In a democracy freedom of expression and information is your right. Clearly she exercised her right of freedom of expression; she shouldn’t have been bashed for the comments she made based on her beliefs. Freedom of expression is letting people of your country know that they are free to make their own beliefs and choices. A key element in a…

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