Is There A Solution For Catcalling? Essay

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Is there a solution to catcalling?
When was the last time you or someone you know was cat called? A while back an anti-harassment group called Holaback! Made a video of a women walking around NY for 10 showing all the different types of catcalling men do to women. Some believe that the solution to catcalling is to outlaw it completely, or even publicly shaming them. They feel that it is a form of harassment. Other claim that nothing will stop the problem of catcalling. Because it is what people do when they see an attractive women whether they are trying to get there number or just being nice to them. Some people say stuff just to be nice, doesn’t mean they are “harassing” a women. But there are those who will get mad because, they might have been hurt in their past relationship and they were told the exact same thing at first. In this essay I will argue that making a law or even publicly shaming someone won’t solve the problem.
“Objectified” By: Tiye Rose Hood, states the main idea as. These girls all feel that catcalling makes them feel insecure and that men will say just about anything just too either get their attention or their number. The youtube video “3 Hours of harassment”, States its main idea that even women will even catcall because that see a hot man and they want to see if his attitude is as good as his looks. They will even attempt to say their friend wants the number just so that they have an excuse to talk to them knowing that they won’ give it to them and…

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