Essay on Is The United States Responsible For Slavery?

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“The World 's Oldest Trade”: A Brief History of Slavery
First Draft of Research Paper
Michael A. Zambri
Charter Oak State College

This research paper will answer the question, "Is the United States responsible for slavery?". This paper will provide the definition of slavery, examine it 's history, create a sense of perspective, and place America 's historical role in slavery into its appropriate context. The reader will find at the conclusion that slavery is not unique to the United States, but is an evil that has existed for millennia.

Child Abuse: An Inescapable Cycle?
First Draft of Research Paper
What fills your imagination when you hear the word 'slavery '? You would not be blamed if you not only thought of evil white American males oppressing innocent African victims but what if you only thought of this? What if "there are myths in the history of the slave trade in a macro-historical perspective: the myth of the primordial importance of North America" (Zeukse, 2012)?
In modern times, there has been a growing politicized ignorance on college campuses in relation to America and world history. The same students who confidently declare Benjamin Franklin was an American president also believe 'America ' as synonymous with 'bad '. One stunning claim repeated often by these ill-informed adolescents is that "the United States invented slavery". This poses two questions. Did the United States invent slavery? And if not, what other…

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