Is The Minimum Wage Should Be Increased? Essay

1066 Words Mar 29th, 2016 5 Pages
There is no question that in modern America poverty is prevalent: forty-seven million people in America in 2014 were living below the poverty line (“Poverty Facts”). Poverty has continued to go unchanged and it is time to go back to what worked 8 years ago prior to Obama 's presidency. The government has avoided the fact that poverty starts and ends at home; instead they have intervened in several ways such as raising the minimum wage, rewarding low work ethic and placing the poverty class in ineffective programs (“Poverty Facts”). Irrationally thinking, some Americans believe strongly that the minimum wage should be increased to a income that would sustain a family above the poverty line. Along with any wage increase there is a suspected job decrease, but immediately following a minimum wage increase 590,000 teens would be out of work and 5% more people are placed in poverty (Viqi). At the same time seeing a minimum wage that you can live off of that places you above the poverty line entices teens to drop out of high school because they no longer need an education to obtain a sustainable income (Viqi). Furthermore, the point of a wage increase is to help full time working families out of poverty, but 70% of minimum wage workers work part time with no intentions of trying to live off their wages alone (Smith). Taking away jobs from college students and teens only increases long term poverty because they may not be able to finish high school or attend college because of…

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