Essay about Is The Fear Of Society Or People?

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Anthropophobia is the fear of society or people (Sobel). Even though this phobia is rare, many people fear different societies and people unlike themselves. This type of fear, in the past, has resulted in the oppression of many minority groups by majority groups. While common throughout history, this oppression continues in modern developed nations. In 2004, the French government introduced an act that banned girls from wearing a Hijab in their school (Bruckner 63). At the time, this act was considered to be a minor adjustment to help take religion out of schools. Yet it was the precursor to the controversial act that commenced in 2011. The French government, in 2011, set into effect Loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l’espace public or the act prohibiting concealment of the face in public spaces (Kim 293). This act prevents Muslim women from wearing traditional Islamic headscarves, the Burka and the Niqab, which conceal the face. If a Muslim woman wears one of these headscarves she could receive a fine of €150 (Leane 1033). Many proponents of this act assert that it promotes gender equality, yet it has resulted in many negative consequences. Loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l’espace public was created to maintain gender equality, yet the consequences are the promotion of religious oppression, Islamic stereotypes, and gender inequality.
One of the major controversies with this ban is that it…

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