Essay about Is Syria The Middle Point Of The Western History?

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Culture and history are the essential pieces that make up one country 's rich legacy. Right when the history is destroyed, it is hard for the future eras to perceive how the country transformed into the way it is. Syria has been the middle point in the Western history as it housed numerous realms all through its time. Since it has been home to many great rulers from different empires, the struggle among different indigenous gatherings and many invading outsiders has brought about social advancement and huge commitments to progress, regardless of political change or turmoil. Cities such as Aleppo and Palmyra are two of the examples of where many empires such as Phoenicians, Aramaeans, and Greek, Roman, and Byzantine ruled. It was a center hub in the ancient time and it still houses many artifacts which are considered invaluable. With numerous empires ruling over, the cities also hold many historical sites and artifacts, but with the recent wars, many of which is completely destroyed or have been brought into pieces. On the off chance that the wars proceed on like this, the historical backdrop of Syrian individuals and the world will be perpetually become a memory and a thing of a far off past. Wars have affected Syrian significantly, as it has obliterated large portions of the ancient rarities. With such a large number of places being affected, two of huge cities that held rich histories were the city of Palmyra and Aleppo. In a cuneiform tablet from hundreds of years…

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