Essay on Is Science A Science?

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What is science? Science is a process that we use to discover new things about our world. It is, to quote The Merriam-Webster dictionary science is “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” Science is realization through observation and experimentation. Science can never truly “prove” anything. All science can do is give us, as humanity, more of an idea as to what goes on in our physical world; however, everything science can teach us is something that is open to debate and consternation. This includes one of the most often wholeheartedly believed and yet the most amazingly flawed scientific theories out there, this is Evolution. From it 's humble beginnings, to today, evolution has changed hopping from idea to idea. They alter their theory every few years attempting to patch the holes. Each time they alter their theory, they patch a single hole, but they can never get them all. There will always be a problem or two with any theory, only a scientific law has no issues in it, and sometimes, after a few hundred years, we discover that our understanding of a scientific “law” is completely wrong. This seems to be something that might be seen in evolution, which is no more a fact and can be proven to be no more a fact than, to quote Richard Dawkins on religion “A Flying Spaghetti Monster.” Evolution became mainstream after a series of court cases between 1968 and 1987, previous to these cases evolution was not…

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