Essay on Is Science A Science?

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Science is a difficult concept simply that to define it, is to define all we know about the world in which we live. I am of the opinion, that since the dawn of the scientific age there has been a clear and defining breakdown in terms of gender in science. As a young woman studying Marine Biology, I someday wish to be viewed as a member of the scientific community. In spite of this, when I think of a ‘scientist’, a man in a lab coat is all that comes to mind. This is the historical image of the scientist, perpetuated through generations, not only in the classroom, but in all facets of science and its representations. I believe this has to do with the patriarchal hierarchy which dictates social roles in almost all civilisations throughout recorded history. Even today, after all the progress feminism has made, after the steps taken towards equality, women are still on the back foot with only 30% having attained a doctorates degree in science.
In Ginzburg’s “Uncovering Gynocentric Science” the terms ‘androcentric’ & ‘gynocentric’ are frequently used to identify whether science is characterized by what is distinct to either men or women. Ginzburg states that the division between the two gender sciences is not clear cut and difficult to define. It is however clear to see that all science up until this point has been androcentric or having to do with men. Ginzburg offers an explanation for the lack of gynocentric science: Politics. Science progressed and came to be “the…

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