Is Religion A Social Construct? Essay

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Introduction Throughout the course, we have learned that religion is a social construct. The society around us is under constant change and how we see the world will always change, meaning that the definition of religion can also change. The concepts of Max Weber, Karl Marx, and Emile Durkheim provide us with an understanding of religion in traditional forms. Without understanding the past, we cannot understand the present. However, many of the concepts written by these theorists do not carry enough context as they did not understand religion at its fullest as Weber, Durkheim and Marx were atheists. Over time, the evolution of society has changed how we view religion and the theories revolving around how we understand religion has become incompatible with our modern views and attitudes. Even in a Canadian perspective, the theories proposed by Weber, Marx, and Durkheim does not fully represent how nations are developed and maintained. In this essay, we will explore the theories of Weber, Marx, and Durkheim and how the role of religion has shifted from being practicing religious beliefs to being a tool for social cohesion and nation building.

Analysis The theories by Weber, Marx and Durkheim prove that religion continues to be influential to aspects of life, but in a traditional context. Weber believed that religion developed through during the development of European powers, where Christianity was the dominant religion. Through history, Christianity continued to be the…

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