Essay on Is Pornography Really Not My Thing?

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Mr. Martinez reports, “pornography was really not my thing, I would look at it when it was available, when I was in the Army with the other guys, but I didn’t go out of my way to seek it out. Taking videos of having sex was something I liked when I got married”.

Mr. Martinez states that he began videotaping his sexual activity with women when he was thirty-seven years old with his second wife Julie. Mr. Martinez reports that he suggested it to Julie and “it stuck”. He reports that the two made four or five videos of the two engaged in sex over the time they were married. He reports that Julie, “once sent a video of herself masturbating and using a dildo”. Something he enjoyed, according to Mr. Martinez. Mr. Martinez reports that the videotaping and viewing the videos was an activity they did together and he rarely viewed them without her present in their seventeen years of marriage. Mr. Martinez did report viewing them when he was alone, but this was only during the times his wife was out of time and he was alone. He reports that he never shared this video with another person or circulated it on the Internet.

Mr. Martinez reports that the first time he masturbated was when he was in high school. He reports that he discovered masturbation from “self experimentation”. Mr. Martinez reports that he infrequently masturbates at this time, once a month on average.

Sexual Fantasies/Arousals
When asked about his current or most reoccurring sexual fantasy(s), Mr.…

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