Cinema Is The Ultimate Pervert Art Analysis

Register to read the introduction… It doesn’t give you what to desire — it tells you what to desire” (Slavoj Zizek). How is the cinema the ultimate pervert art? Cinema is shared. Cinema is not “owned” by a person alone, but enjoyed by everyone. Everyone has been introduced to a form of cinema, even though they may not have seen it in that manner. From people in remote villages across the globe partaking in dramas that portray their cultures, to staged sets. From pre-world war II societies to the post war societies. From televisions of the early 20th century, to smart phones of the 21st. Hence, it is promiscuous. It has been shared in the same way an mp3 is sent from person to person today. Shared in the same way a particular MP3 has been downloaded legally or illegally a million times in one day. The second part of the quote “ it doesn’t give you what to desire — it tells you what to desire,” leads to the next …show more content…
Cinema basically shows what it wants you to see, and hides what it doesn’t want you to see. To explain this further, cosmetic makeup will be used as an analogy. Women have been known to use makeup to hide different “flaws” in order to look somewhat perfect. In the past few years, contouring has become a new way of giving an optical illusion. Ladies who don’t like the size of their nose contour the sides to make it look bigger or smaller. Ladies who think the shapes of their faces do not flatter their facial features use contouring to give the appearance of a different facial shape. In this same way, they use highlighting to emphasize on the points on their faces they do like, to compliment this illusion. “Films work because the human brain has a threshold for perception above which a series of still images will appear to be continuous; this phenomenon is known as persistence of vision.” (Gray, precursor) Cinema doesn’t necessarily only create an optical illusion by creating smooth cuts in scenes, so you can’t tell the difference. Or make use of realistic graphics to make you think an explosion actually took place. Cinema uses it’s powers as a universal medium to show what it wants to. It henceforth creates a false reality. This is why cinema, in this case — television, is one of the most revolutionary

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