Is It A Bigger Liability Being Black Than Being Poor? Essay

1153 Words Jul 22nd, 2015 null Page
In my opinion in Tulia, I think it is a bigger liability being black than being poor. This is because, regardless of the unscrupulous arrest by Coleman, many of the black residents cited difficulties in finding work. As terrible as it sounds in my opinion, in this town a lot of the black and African American residents are poor as a result of the racism and unspoken segregation of the city. They are poor because they are black and not given the opportunities allotted to many of the white residents. In terms of the arrests, I believe that even had the black residents been wealthy, they would have still been arrested. I think this is because they would have used their wealth like they did some of the victim’s unemployment against them. Typically when people go to trial being poor is usually a bigger obstacle than being black, this is because if someone can afford excellent legal representation they will fare better than someone who cannot, often regardless of skin color. However, African Americans and Black Americans typically need better legal representation due to the harsher sentences and more severe charges they are often given, versus if a white person had committed the same crime. Furthermore, I think that the trials should have been moved to another location to avoid bias. I have never heard of it being ok for the jury to know the defendant or about the charges, and still be allowed to be on the jury. In this film, it seemed like everyone on the jury knew the defendants…

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