Essay about Is Human Nature Good Or Bad?

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Each individual has a different understanding of what the word “bad” or “evil” mean. If one person believes that stealing is bad, another person might believe that stealing is a good thing if it serves the greater good, for example, Robin Hood. The words “bad” and “good” are subjective and can vary in people’s views. Yet, by looking at the world today, it is difficult to say that humans are naturally good. However, when a child is brought into this world, one tends to associate them with purity and innocence. Assuming this child commits a crime, one cannot judge nor blame the child since he or she knows nothing in life yet. So are we born good, but we develop bad behaviors with time? For quite a long time, many philosophers, as well as most individuals, have contemplated on the question “ Is human nature good or bad?”

I questioned a peer about her belief on this topic. She said that humans are evil by nature, which caught my attention, so I inquired as to why so? She said, “ The good things are learnt in life.” She gave me an example of parents and adolescents nowadays. She said “ Since parents are not strict on their children anymore, teens are out of control they kill one another, do drugs ... and so on.” If we say what she believes is correct, then how were good actions ever known to our world?

People, who believe that human begins are bad, argue that children are selfish, which proves that humans are born without morality. Also a Chinese philosopher named Hsün Tzu…

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