Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

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In the article “Is Google making us stupid?” Nicholas Carr argues that Google is destroying our ability to read and write. In the essay Nicholas Carr talks about the damage that Google have done to human brain over last couple of decades “The more they use the Web, the more they have fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing” (Carr). Carr use his personal experience about how he and his friends are having hard time focusing in the books or articles they are reading because of the unlimited access to the information they are looking for via internet. Through out the essay Nicholas Carr mentions how useful Google have been over last few years “The advantages of having immediate access to such an incredibly rich store of information are many, and they’ve been widely described and duly applauded” (Carr) yet, Carr is able to convince the readers that google has negative impact on human brain usage. With his excellent use of ethos, pathos and logos Nicholas Carr is able to convince me to think about the possibilities of how unlimited access to the growing technology like: internet is decreasing my capacity to perform certain task such as: deep reading, critical thinking and concentration. In the essay “Is Google making us stupid?” Nicholas Carr has often referred to the writers, bloggers and researchers, who have the similar beliefs about internet like him. Around the end of fifth paragraph Carr quoted Scott Karp: a blogger who writes about online media and have stop…

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