Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

1030 Words Oct 6th, 2016 5 Pages
The internet is changing humanity in more ways than thought possible. At first it was just a computer meant to complete simple calculations, but over time it grew into an entirely different world on its own. It has connected people like never before and created new ways to get rid of distance barriers. However, with the manner of how transfers information, it has reduced the need for deep connections experienced throughout life. Simple tasks such as reading a book or watching television have become more difficult as our attention spans have decreased and made humans more mundane. Nicholas Carr talks about this issue in, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, with Carl Zimmer in “How Google Is Making Us Smarter” and Genevieve Roberts in “Google Effect: Is Technology Making Us Stupid?” further analyzing pieces of the topic. While I agree with Carr’s view that the human mind is becoming more automated, I would further argue that our minds are evolving to think like computers and use it to retain information in a different way.
It has come to the point where the internet is believed to be the extension of the human mind. Throughout Carr’s essay he talks about how people are becoming more automated, with our work becoming clockwork, and that in turn is making us stupid. Whether or not that really is making the human race stupid is still to be seen, but what we can interpret from this is, we as a species are becoming more like the things we created, computers. They were designed by humans…

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