Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

1780 Words Nov 5th, 2016 8 Pages
[Title]: [Subtitle] In his essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr shows great concerns to the advancement of technology. In this controversial article, Carr points out the negative and long term effects that Google may bring to human. Although Google provides convenient access for people to get the information, people’s way of thinking has been altered and harmed by Google. Whether Google is making us smart or stupid is a controversial topic in recent years that lead a wide range of discussion. On one hand, supporters insist that Google is a quick and convenient tool that extend people’s degree of knowledge in a way never happen before. On the other hand, opponents state that it is because of Google’s powerful storage of information that people lose their ability to think and utilize their memory to grasp knowledge. If Google is created to help people, how can it be the reason people are stupid? Google is not making us stupid, but Google is indeed making us more and more lazy. First of all, Google is just a tool that service to the public, how it works is totally depend on the users. Google as a search engine, it provides a tool, or a kind of technology to help users get quick access to the information. It is essentially an inanimate tool that used by human themselves, and is unable to make decision for them. Just as somebody kills a person with a knife, can people blame the knife for committing the crime? The answer is no, because without the knife,…

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