Essay about `` Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Over the years, technology has advanced so much it has completely altered the way of life. You can research online in seconds versus going to a library and taking hours. Further into modern technology, a smartphone contains many apps; now you only have to grab your phone instead of taking a watch, calculator, a map and many other accessories. Today’s world sounds a lot easier, but generally speaking, the easy way has not always been the best way. Technology doesn’t allow us to retain enough information, can be a distraction, and is also unreliable. Laptops are really convenient in many ways, they allow you to take your work with you everywhere you go, especially with the great invention of personal hotspot and ebooks. However, it might be a beneficial idea to stick with an old-fashioned paper, pencil and a book. Nicholas Carr wrote a piece entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” in which he discusses both positive and negative effects of technology to the mind. He points out that when people read online they skim through the material quickly looking for key words instead of fully reading and analyzing the piece. Carr believes the internet has many advantages, however he says people are using the internet more than their actual brains and have become reliant. In his article he explains, “Then again, the Net isn’t the alphabet, and although it may replace the printing press, it produces something altogether different. The kind of deep reading that a sequence of…

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