Is Global Warming A Hoax? Essay example

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Is the environment in a crisis? Is global warming a hoax? With all the technology and fossil fuel burning we do, the threat of global warming is a hot topic. Global warming a is phenomenon in which the average temperature of the earth increases from CO2 damaging the ozone layer. Damaging the ozone layer causes more sun light and radiation to come though the earth atmosphere, I theory and why this topic is controversial, heats up the earth. (Strickland, Jonathan, and Ed Grabianowski.) The data on this topic has mixed supporting details which cause a very split opinion. Even political leaders have jumped on the band wagon and have voiced there opinion on global warming. I believe that most of the panic having to do with global warming is bogus. In my opinion there is just not enough scientifically data that is reliable to support the claim that global warming a big problem. ("The Climate Deception Dossiers (2015).")
Everything from cars to your cell phone is probably powered by some sort of fossil fuel, directly or indirectly. People rely on fossil fuels than other renewable energy because it easy to handle and its what we done all throughout history. This causes the release of CO2 or carbon dioxide into the atmosphere damaging the ozone, which is in place to limit the amount of sun light and radiation that gets though to the earth surface. This process is certainly agreeable because we can prove that the ozone layer is vanishing. The statement which…

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